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Sign up for a free
15-minute discovery call.

What To Expect

What To Expect

Step 1: Take Your First Step Towards a Healthier You!

  • Register and sign up for your first appointment at
  • Fill out your questionnaires
  • Upload recent documents (labs, imaging, physician notes) to our HIPAA-compliant patient portal

Step 2: Your First Appointment has Arrived! Let’s Build & Discover!

  • Before your appointment, I will review your health forms and previous records.
  • We will have a detailed conversation about your current symptoms, health history, family history, diet, lifestyle habits, and more.
  • At this visit, we will build the foundation of your program:
    • A strong nutritional plan
    • Addressing lifestyle factors affecting your health
    • Initial supportive nutritional and botanical supplements
  • Test, don’t guess!
    • We will discuss further testing, including conventional and advanced testing (such as hormones, guthealth, and nutritional markers).
    • I will order these tests at this time, and testing kits will be provided in the office or drop shipped directly to you.
  • This visit will be approximately 60-minutes.

Step 3: Your FIRST Follow-up Appointment (4-6 weeks). Let’s Get Healing!

  • Now, we will build your healing program based on your test results.
    • We will tailor your program to your results and create a program to help rebalance your hormones, heal your gut, optimize your metabolism, and more!
  • This visit will be approximately 60-minutes.

Step 4: Your SECOND Follow-up Appointment (4-6 weeks). Check-in & Adjust!

  • We will check in on your program and further personalize your plan depending on your progress and any sensitivities to supplements.
  • This visit will be approximately 45-minutes.

Step 5: ESTABLISHED Follow-ups. Let’s Keep it Going!

  • Depending on your program’s intensity, ESTABLISHED follow-ups are every 4-6 weeks.
  • These appointments will be 20-minutes long. If you want to embark on further testing, have new extensive issues, or would like an extended visit, please let us know and we can schedule you!


New Visit: $300 (expect around 1 hr)
New patients 3-visit package: $700 (save 15%)
First follow up: $300 (expect around 1 hr)
Second Follow up: $225 (expect around 30-45 minutes)
All future follow ups: $100 (around 20 minutes)
Group classes: $30

*We currently accept traditional Medicare*

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Functional Medicine?2023-06-26T04:25:10+00:00

Functional medicine is a science-based, individualized approach to health that goes beyond traditional medicine. It finds the root cause of illness by focusing on gut health, metabolism, hormones, environment, and genetics. A personalized diet, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle plan is designed for your unique profile to achieve health. The Institute for Functional Medicine’s website (ifm.org) has detailed information regarding our practice model.

How is functional medicine different from holistic medicine?2023-06-26T04:25:41+00:00

Both functional and holistic medicine focus on the total body. Functional medicine focuses on interactions between genetics, environment, and lifestyle that impact health. Holistic medicine has a spiritual approach to the body, mind, and soul.

Can you help me with my health problem?2023-06-26T04:26:23+00:00

Functional medicine can help with many health problems, such as fatigue, sleep problems, indigestion, weight gain, and hormonal imbalances. If you’re on multiple medications, want to get to the root of your symptoms, or want more natural ways to optimize your health, functional medicine can help you.

What diseases do you treat?2023-06-26T04:26:39+00:00

As a board-certified internist, I am experienced with chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiac, inflammatory, gastrointestinal, and autoimmune diseases. I also treat fatigue, weight gain, hormone imbalances, and gut dysfunction, such as bloating and gas.

Can I benefit from functional medicine if I don’t have a chronic illness?2023-06-26T04:26:56+00:00

Absolutely! In addition to treating illness, functional medicine also emphasizes prevention for health maintenance.

Is Dr. Shimizu a primary care provider?2023-06-26T04:27:17+00:00

No, I am not a primary care provider. I will work with you as a functional medicine consultant to address the cause of your chronic health problems and discuss them with your primary care provider if necessary.

Who can Dr. Shimizu See?2023-06-26T04:28:15+00:00

Dr. Shimizu is licensed to practice Internal Medicine (adult medicine) in the state of Hawaii.

Do you prescribe medications?2023-06-26T04:28:31+00:00

Yes, when necessary.

Do you recommend supplements and herbs?2023-06-26T04:28:48+00:00

Yes, when necessary.

What about laboratory testing?2023-07-03T17:40:38+00:00

I review the traditional labs obtained by your primary provider, such as cholesterol levels and blood counts. Depending on your health goals, I recommend further testing. Some examples are specialized metabolic tests, gut health, environmental toxins, or food sensitivity tests. Some of these specialized testing are not covered by insurance and are out-of-pocket.

What is the cost of these services? Does insurance cover it?2023-07-03T18:17:03+00:00

Functional medicine is considered complementary alternative medicine; not all insurance plans cover this service. You will pay at the time of your visit, and I will provide a superbill for you if you wish to submit the claim to your insurance or apply to your flexible spending accounts (FSA). We currently accept traditional Medicare.

Rates:Initial visit (60 minutes): $300 – Second visit (45 minutes): $225 – Follow-up visits (20 minutes): $100 – Initial Visit Package (first three visits included): $700

How do I get started?2023-06-26T04:29:56+00:00

Go to Olena Center’s online scheduler to schedule an initial appointment. (make this a click here) You will complete health questionnaires and upload available medical records before your appointment. During the first visit, you and I will discuss your health history, family history, diet, and lifestyle habits. I will review different approaches to your health and make some suggestions for change at this time. I may also recommend laboratory testing. The second visit is generally 1-2 months later. At this time, I will evaluate your progress and further personalize your care plan. I may recommend additional dietary changes, supplements, lifestyle changes, and possibly medications. The timing for additional follow-up visits will depend on your customized plan.

What is required?2023-06-26T04:30:17+00:00

Just your desire to reach optimal health and openness for change.

Sign up for
a free 15-minute
discovery call

Sign up for
a free 15-minute
discovery call

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